Reading Log #2: August 2013

imageAnother month gone means another round of useless reading statistics.  On the plus side, I did read much more in August than I had in July.  I’d like to think that was due to the books being much more interesting rather than a desire for more “impressive” stats.  You be the judge…

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Reading Log #1: July 2013

imageWelcome to the first edition of Reading Log, a new feature to the blog in which I will attempt to summarize a month’s worth of reading.  If you’re a fan of trivial statistics, this one’s for you!

The name of this series comes from the Android app that gives me the total number of minutes that I read each day, week, and month (although I use the timer on another app called ReadTracker and just punch the numbers into ReadingLog).  By the way, that’s the app’s icon at the head of this entry.

Okay.  Let’s go.
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