01-20 Fin (Or, the End of January 2020)

Thus, the first month of the Twenties comes to an end. January’s are usually one of my slower months but this one was anything but. I did my share of fill-in days (when I cover classes for an absent teacher) throughout the month. Last Friday, I was at a school that contains at least 3,500 students with some classes bursting with more than 60 students … Continue reading 01-20 Fin (Or, the End of January 2020)

Postcrossing: Received Cards #9, 10 and 11!


When it rains, it pours! After a bit of a dry-spell, there was a stack of mail on the lobby counter this morning as I was leaving for work. Among the mail were four postcards, three of them official Postcrossing cards and one was from my sister in America.  One of these was actually a maximum card with a first day of issue postmark!

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A Morning Stroll Through the Old Town

The western 'entrance' to Thalang Road, Phuket, just west of the intersection with Thepkassatri Road.It’s been a while since I’ve walked through Phuket’s Old Town area during the daytime while having my camera along.  It’s even rarer for me to go into “tourist mode” and shoot photos of things I see almost every day.  But I was in the mood to do so this morning while on my way to catch a bus in the fresh market area on Ranong Road.

I’ve taken so many photos along Thalang Road over the years that it can be a challenge to find something “new”.  My biggest problem, I think, is that I am rather shy and very conscious of blocking traffic or other pedestrians while I try to focus a shot.  That’s why so many of my pictures tend to look like snapshots rather than carefully-composed works of art.  I often don’t get close enough to the subjects and many turn out blurry.  As a result, I’m usually not satisfied with the majority of my photos.  I have so much to work on!

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