Siam’s First Stamps

Siam's First Stamp - 1 solot blue - 4th August 1883The Thailand 2013 World Stamp Exhibition opened at Bangkok’s Siam Paragon this past Friday.  In part, it marks the 130th anniversary of the Kingdom of Siam’s first official postage stamps.  The 4th August 1883 release of those first five adhesives came some 43 years following the issuance of the world’s first prepaid stamps, Great Britain’s famed Penny Black.

However, there had been mail conveyance within the current boundaries of Thailand for even longer.  In fact, the earliest recorded mail from Bangkok was a stampless letter sent by an American missionary to his father back in 1836.

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Owls “Coming Soon”

Thailand Owl stamps to be released soon...Today is the first day of issue for Thailand’s new 4-stamps and souvenir sheet depicting owls.  I love buying stamps on the day of release.  Sometimes the clerk will let me use the old handstamp to add a Phuket postmark to the official first day cover.

I dragged myself out of bed much earlier than usual for a Monday morning and made the brief walk to Phuket’s main post office, dodging much heaver-than-normal traffic.  One of the princesses was in town for a royal visit to a couple of local schools so a few streets were blocked-off.

Arriving at the Montree-Talang Intersection (yes, they do name them here), I paused to take a few photos of the old Post & Telegraph Office for a future blog.  The historic building houses the Phuket Philatelic Museum and I was pleased to see a banner advertising the Thailand 2013 World Stamp Exhibition which opens in Bangkok on Friday.

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Get Ready for a Thai Stamp Onslaught

Thailand 2013 World Stamp ExhibitionThe next two-and-a-half weeks will see a veritable avalanche of new issues emanating from the mail bags of Thai Post with no less than seven separate releases scheduled.  For a country that usually sees between one and three stamp issues in any given month that’s quite a change.  But a pleasant one for a collector such as myself.

In fact, two of the reasons I love collecting Thai stamps are the limited number of releases per year and their affordability.  It does help that the designs are for the most part strikingly beautiful and the subject matter invariably interesting (even the fact that a stamp will be issued this December commemorating a cement company this is “interesting”).
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On Stamps and Inspiration

StampsLast September, I blogged about returning to my lifelong interest in collecting stamps, detailing my personal philatelic background and announcing my plans to resume the nhobby.

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Return To A Lifelong Hobby

Please LIKE my new Facebook page, "I Love Thai Stamps".I’ve collected stamps on-and-off for more than 30 years now.  Sometime around my tenth birthday I was given my mother’s old worldwide “Modern Stamp Album” – 1935 edition. The blue cloth cover was faded and many of the hinged were brown and brittle with age but it was a great start to what would become a lifelong hobby. 

During the Second World War, Mom – and her big brother, George – had lived across the street from the New Mexico state capitol building in Santa Fe.  They used to raid the trash dumpster looking for envelopes with the stamps still intact.  As the various government agencies received mail from all over the world, this was a great source for their collections.  Some years after I’d been given Mom’s old album, I my Uncle George gave me his as well.

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