TH-1065: Thai Heritage Conservation Day

Issue Number: TH-1065Issue Name:  Thai Heritage Conservation Day 2015 Commemorative StampIssue Date: 2015-04-02Denomination: 3 baht (8 designs)Designer: unk.Printer: unk.Printing Process: unk.Quantity of Stamps: unk.Sheet Composition: unk.Perforation: unk.Size: unk. (Vertical – measured from perforation to perforation)Details: unk. ©2015 Thailand Post Continue reading TH-1065: Thai Heritage Conservation Day

Thailand’s Stamps for 2015

TH2015-1058STAs I write this on January 1st, the first of Thailand’s stamp issues for 2015 is scheduled for release.  It is a public holiday and the local post office is closed so I will attempt to purchase my copies of the stamp and first day cover tomorrow.  This first issue, 1058 in Thailand Post’s numbering scheme, is the annual Chinese zodiac issue for the Year of the Goat in a completely new design as the previous twelve releases in this series.  One of the things I love about collecting Thai new issues is the low face value – most stamps are either three or five baht so an entire sheet of ten or twenty can be purchased for less than US $2.00.  A full set of single stamps and first day covers for the entire year will run less than $50, judging on what has been announced so far.

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