After 105 Days in Captivity…..Back to Work!!

What a difference a day makes! Today was the start of the Thai School Year 2563/2564 which is scheduled to run until 10 April 2021 with a two-week break starting in mid-November. As today’s date rapidly approached, I became extremely apprehensive and the entry I’d prepared as my usual “Monthly Meanderings” wrapping-up June was not a very cheerful one.  I had begun by writing about … Continue reading After 105 Days in Captivity…..Back to Work!!

Looking Back on the “Teens”… and Forward to the “Twenties”

As we move into the Year of Perfect Vision, allow me to take a look at both the Year That Was and the Decade of the Teens. Before I begin, I want to mention that a recent post I saw on Facebook had the user criticizing people thinking the current decade as ending at midnight tomorrow night.  She stated that the “decade does not end … Continue reading Looking Back on the “Teens”… and Forward to the “Twenties”

Monthly Meanderings: September 2015

SAM_7358The past month has been one where my ENTIRE focus has been on work with very little leisure time.  But today marks the first day of an indefinite period of no income (AKA, a holiday”) as the school term finally finished yesterday.  How am I spending this first day of vacation?  By traveling to my company in order to turn in grades and time sheets and to try and install computer updates while connected to reliable wi-fi.   I am also trying to write this month’s edition of “Monthly Meanderings” completely from scratch; usually, I compile notes for each section during the last week or so of the month.  I’ve just been too busy with testing, etc.

Continue reading “Monthly Meanderings: September 2015”