It’s English Camp Time Again!

English Camp Thailand 2014

My language school will be hosting an English Camp later this month for Sri Suthorn School here in Phuket.  I get asked to do these quite often following my success with camps held at resorts in Phang Nga Province.  This will be my first during which I won’t have to stay overnight.  Spread over two (half-) days, four teachers will lead 240 students through fun learning activities the culmination of which will be interviewing foreigners on Surin Beach.  These camps are always a lot of hard work for the teachers but a lot of fun for the students.  Since this one will be held just a week before Christmas, I am going to suggest incorporating the holiday into at least one of the games.

Of course I will post photos once the camp has finished (and I have time to recuperate!).


First Classes in Six Months

Yesterday, I returned to a “real” job for the first time since Christmas Eve.  Today I taught my first classroom lessons in six months and I was very happy as I walked to work. The guesthouse I’m staying in is twenty minutes away on foot and I enjoyed the stroll as it was fairly cool in the morning.

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