Kru Mark

Getting ready to teach a P5-level class at Piboonsawadee School, Phuket TownThis is my second year teaching at Piboonsawasdee Municipal School in Phuket Town.  We are nearing the end of Term One and I would say that I’m generally well-liked by the majority of the students (with the possible exception of some trouble-making boys in P6 and one or two individuals in P3).

Yes, all the students STILL want to shake my hand whenever they see me despite my valiant efforts to get them to wai me in the hallways.  After all, they begin and end the lessons with this form of respect and would never think to wave and scream “Hello” to the Thai teachers.  I don’t think I’m asking for much!

But one significant change I’ve noticed just in the past two months or so is that I’m almost always referred to as “Kru Mark” (kon kru is Thai for “teacher”).  While the kids address me properly as “Kru” or “Kon Kru”, I do hear them saying “Kru Mark is here” when I walk by their classrooms or see them outside.

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It’s Visa Run Time Again!

Well, I’m closing in on that 60-day limit again which means it’s time for yet another visa run. As per the Penang Thai Consulate’s interpretation of the rules, I can receive one last tourist visa there since I haven’t done any 30-day extensions from within Thailand. As I understand it, this is the last of the three-in-a-row I’ll be able to do in Penang (and perhaps all of Asia).
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First Classes in Six Months

Yesterday, I returned to a “real” job for the first time since Christmas Eve.  Today I taught my first classroom lessons in six months and I was very happy as I walked to work. The guesthouse I’m staying in is twenty minutes away on foot and I enjoyed the stroll as it was fairly cool in the morning.

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59 Baht Steaks at The Deli in Kathu, Phuket

20110629-184600-amOne thing you won’t find a lot of in my writings are restaurant reviews. First off, I’m much too poor to afford eating in “real” restaurants very often and, second, I don’t feel that my writing is good enough to properly make the food I enjoy appealing to others. But I had a great dining experience a few nights ago and want to get the word out on a nice little eatery smack dab in the center of Phuket.

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