Nineteen in ’20

Twenty-twenty thus far has been nineteen days of unstressed productivity and that looks to continue for the foreseeable future.  I do not recall as being as organized as I have been since the New Year fireworks faded to silence and that certainly has helped with my overall positive attitude.  I am happy and content and I owe a lot of credit to Microsoft To-Do along … Continue reading Nineteen in ’20

The Week That Was #2019-08 (The Music Video Edition)

This is actually the second version of this particular installment of my “weekly” update column. I only needed to add a few images in order to finish one I wrote earlier in the week. However, I got busy and forgot about it. I decided to scrap it and start fresh.

Thus, this will be a very brief update.

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Friday Photos #3: English Camp on Cape Panwa

20150115-121733It’s been a tiring week as I’ve spent Monday through Thursday working at an English camp on Phuket’s rural Cape Panwa.  Thus, the theme for this installment of Friday Photos.  Conducting these camps is strenuous by itself but I’ve also been teaching my regular evening lessons all week as well.

What is an English camp?  Well, the agency I work for – ECC Thailand – uses them primarily to introduce English language instruction to schools that we don’t yet have under contract.  It’s basically an audition so is taken very seriously by my boss.  We go into a school for several days and teach a bit of English – conversation, vocabulary, a bit of grammar – and play a lot of games.

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Happy Mothers Day (Thailand)!

We celebrate Mothers Day in Thailand every August 12th, the birthday of HRH Queen Sirikit.  It is a public holiday and this year schools and businesses are closed on Monday the 13th as well.  My school cancelled classes on Friday for a ceremony honoring mothers and the Queen.  This included the singing of the Royal Anthem, the lighting of candles, and giving of gifts to … Continue reading Happy Mothers Day (Thailand)!

It Started With A Cough…

I’ve been sick for the past three days.  It all started with a painful coughing fit Monday night, rendering my throat extremely raw.  It was scratchy when I taught my three classes on Tuesday, painful even to talk.  I completely lost my voice by the end of the school day and walked home feeling miserable.  I couldn’t tell if I was sweating profusely from the afternoon heat or the onset of a fever.  By late evening I knew it was a fever and the addition of severe pain in my legs and lower back initially cause me to think of dengue fever.  But I’ve had that twice already — the pain is much more intense (and made me feel so bad I’d ended up going to the hospital both times; it’s rare I’ll even venture into a pharmacy, much less visit a doctor).  This morning it was rather painful to try and roll out of bed (I thought I’d die when I tried to bend over to pick up some trash that had missed the bin) but at least Wednesdays are still my day off.  I just lay in bed all day sweating and feeling miserable but by late afternoon I felt well enough to sit at the computer reading for a couple of hours.  Hopefully, I’ll have my voice back ready to teach starting at 11:00 tomorrow morning.

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