Looking Back on the “Teens”… and Forward to the “Twenties”

As we move into the Year of Perfect Vision, allow me to take a look at both the Year That Was and the Decade of the Teens. Before I begin, I want to mention that a recent post I saw on Facebook had the user criticizing people thinking the current decade as ending at midnight tomorrow night.  She stated that the “decade does not end … Continue reading Looking Back on the “Teens”… and Forward to the “Twenties”

An Active Week

I have been fairly active over the past week-and-a-bit so I thought this was a good time to post a short update. The first thing I did on my birthday last Thursday was to walk to the Phuket Philatelic Museum (about five minutes from my home). It was the date of release for Thailand’s last stamp of 2019 — a 5-baht commemorative marking the nation’s … Continue reading An Active Week

The Week That Was #2019-11

It has been a fairly uneventful week-and-a-bit during which I have been going to work in a semi-holiday state of mind. April is definitely the slow period as far as education in Thailand is concerned as it is the summer vacation between school years. As the Thai New Year — Songkran — comes mid-month, most businesses close up shop as the entire country attempts to relax. I still have a few lessons each week with individual students as well as a business course on Saturdays but it is a very relaxing atmosphere at the moment.  My agency will actually close down completely from this Saturday (April 13 is “official” Songkran Day) and will reopen next Wednesday. My student has already cancelled his Friday evening lesson (which happens to coincide with our payday), so I will start holiday festivities early. I do have some tentative plans for the long weekend but I will report on those in next week’s update, hopefully with some photos and video.

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A Year In The Life: 2014

SAM_1660The beginning of a New Year brings the traditional “year in review” post on blogs all over the world.  Thus far, I’ve managed to avoid such an annual wrap-up as I’m not certain it serves much of a purpose.  Now that I’m blogging much more, and am on the verge of several major changes in my life, I feel that I should finally make an attempt to look back on the year past before moving forward. 

ASEAN-member-countriesThe year just begun – 2015 – promises to be a significant one for many reasons.  Not only does it mark the tenth year anniversary of my arrival in Thailand but also the fiftieth anniversary of my birth.  In Southeast Asia, there has been a battle cry of sorts – “Are you ready for 2015?” — for several years now as the Asian Economic Community comes into full affect with English as its official language.  Am I ready, indeed…

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200th Asian Meandering!

post-200It’s Saturday afternoon here in Thailand – National Children’s Day – and here I am, sitting in the computer room of one of the language schools I work at, trying to come up with something meaningful for my 200th blog post.  However, I’m not feeling particularly retrospective.  In fact, it’s only the 200th post for this blog.  I had other blogs before, now (mostly) long-lost due to a hacked site and a few hard drive failures.

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New Year’s Resolutions for 2014

Postcards2CardsNewYearsResolution1915In 2013, I didn’t make any New Year’s resolutions at all and that worked out fairly well.  You keep them when they aren’t there to begin with!  But with the dawning of 2014, the Year of the Horse, I find myself with a number of things I would like to improve upon in my life. Last year, I dedicated myself to helping others even more than I had before but feel I can do much more.

Of course, with any promises one makes to oneself it is virtually impossible to maintain such resolutions over any length of time.  I’m actually surprised that I couldn’t find an specific Android app for tracking New Year’s resolutions.  I’ve decided that the best way to keep my goals is to let others know about them.  The more people who know what I’m trying to do, the less likely I am to give up (I hope!).  And, hopefully, they will offer support when I start to drift away from the resolution.

I’m only making two New Year’s Resolutions for 2014: Continue reading “New Year’s Resolutions for 2014”

Extremely Busy

No, I haven’t forgotten about Asian Meanderings.  I simply have been extremely busy lately.  The number of my regular lessons each week at ECC has increased and I have also been doing a lot of fill-ins for ill and traveling teachers.  Last night, I began teaching a series of thrice-weekly English Conversation lessons at Insight English School and I participated in a two-day English Camp … Continue reading Extremely Busy

Reading Log #1: July 2013

imageWelcome to the first edition of Reading Log, a new feature to the blog in which I will attempt to summarize a month’s worth of reading.  If you’re a fan of trivial statistics, this one’s for you!

The name of this series comes from the Android app that gives me the total number of minutes that I read each day, week, and month (although I use the timer on another app called ReadTracker and just punch the numbers into ReadingLog).  By the way, that’s the app’s icon at the head of this entry.

Okay.  Let’s go.
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Looking Back / Looking Forward (2)

2013: The Year That Will Be

clip_image001 19 Wow!  2013 (2556 on the Thai calendar)!  Another year older.  Am I any wiser?  Time will tell…

As I mentioned in my last blog entry, I don’t like to make traditional resolutions as they are quickly forgotten.  Instead, I am planning specific goals that I can track.  Today’s entry is visible evidence of my resolve to write more in 2013.  We’ll see how that goes…

Reading more is also easily trackable.  A few years ago, I created a spreadsheet in which I record the books I read each day along with page counts.  Another section computes the totals – cumulative pages and books completed.  In 2012, I barely finished 50 books – that’s about half of what I’ve been averaging for the past several years.  In the coming year I’d like to at least finish 60 books with quality taking precedence over quantity.

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