The Week That Was #2019-08 (The Music Video Edition)

This is actually the second version of this particular installment of my “weekly” update column. I only needed to add a few images in order to finish one I wrote earlier in the week. However, I got busy and forgot about it. I decided to scrap it and start fresh.

Thus, this will be a very brief update.

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The Week That Was #2019-01

At long last, the silence has been broken! Honestly, I start too many entries in a similar fashion on this blog. The last period of activity stretched from the end of July 2018 until i posted my New Year’s Eve shaky-cam video earlier this week. I haven’t checked but I believe it to have been the longest gap in the history of Asian Meanderings and perhaps going back as far as ‘Burque Blog. Does anybody remember that incarnation?

As the end of 2018 approached, I thought that the best way to rejuvenate what was once my one and only blog was by taking a look at the year that was. I began sorting through photos taken and journal entries written each day in attempts to find something interesting to highlight. There were quite a few blog-worthy happenings throughout the year but I quickly bored of trying to find them and put them into a form that people would actually enjoy reading! I got as far as mid-March before I abandoned the project.

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A Good Start to November

Reading-quotes-3November is shaping up to be a much better reading month than either October or September, or even August for that matter.  No, I haven’t finished a single book yet but I have started several that are all gripping in their own ways.  I’m averaging around 60 pages a day and am confident that I would read more if I wasn’t working so much (and trying to get caught up on other things in the limited amount of free time that I do have).

I did hit a milestone of sorts recently, surpassing 100,000 pages read since I started tracking my daily reading totals at the beginning of January 2010.  More than 24,000 pages have been in 2014, my best showing yet and there are still two months left!  In that same amount of time, I’ve finished 404 books.  Thus, my reading goal for 2015 will be to finish my 500th book.

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Stats Summary for July 2011

>Another month, another set of accumulated statistics. I definitely read a lot more in July than in the previous couple of months and I also found time to watch a few movies. Now that I have a somewhat intermittent wireless connection in my home I haven’t been using an internet cafe but have been downloading some new (old) music onto my laptop. I didn’t listen to a lot of that music this month but that should change soon.

And now for the stats…

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Sunday Salon for 26th June 2011 (#51)

Sunday Salon 01.jpgThis was a fairly uneventful week as far as getting out-and-about save for a fairly awful afternoon spent in a Phuket Town internet cafe on Saturday. I spent most of the week in my apartment — packing boxes and working on this blog.

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Morning Meanderings: Still Tweaking and Other Random Musings

PBW Confusion 001.jpgBLOG REDESIGN

I spent some time in the internet cafe last night implementing a few changes to the blog. As always, I had some difficulty as what worked upstairs on my laptop gave me problems on the ancient computers downstairs. Although the Suffusion theme worked fine on the “live” blog when I tested it briefly a few nights ago, I made the “mistake” of uploading the most recent version of the theme before trying it out this time around. The entire WordPress dashboard completely disappeared! I ended up having to delete this version via FTP (I use FileZilla), replacing it with a year-old version. That worked…

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PBW Stats Summary for March/April/May 2011

Welcome to the third installment of my monthly stats summary.  I neglected to publish summaries for March and April so this includes details of the last three months.  While I did a significant amount of reading in the earlier months, I really didn’t manage as much in May, reading half as many pages as in April and finishing only five books.  I did read a bit each day but not as many pages as I had been going through.  Nor am I listening to as much music or watching as many movies now as compared to earlier in the year.  I don’t know why that is – I’m certainly not going out any more than I had been.  June is also starting out fairly slow – I’m going to have to finish twelve books this month to stay on-target for my goal of 100 books by the end of the year.  At this rate, I’ll be lucky to finish half of that number.  As for movies, there are many nights when I’d like to watch one but just can’t find anything around the apartment that I’m in the mood to watch for a second time.  Recently I visited the local open-air market in search of some interesting DVD’s but didn’t find anything there, either (I stay away from the camcorder-shot movies).  I tried to download a few things while in Malaysia earlier this week but the connection was simply too slow.  I miss being able to download new things to watch and listen to.

And now for the stats…

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