April 2021: It Just Flew By!

All things considered, the month of April went by extremely quickly. It was nothing like the same month last year with its endless uncertainties and constant contradictory tightening of restrictions. A year later, we are experiencing much the same restrictions with this wave of the pandemic giving us higher statistics than the entire previous year but the officials are still giving us the illusion of … Continue reading April 2021: It Just Flew By!

March 2021: Rapid Wrap-up

This last day of March feels a lot more optimistic than the same period just one year ago. Effective tomorrow, visitors to Phuket no longer need to quarantine for 14 days, seven being deemed sufficient. The first local vaccinations are set to arrive this month with a goal of having 70 percent of the island jabbed for a planned reopening on 1 July as a … Continue reading March 2021: Rapid Wrap-up

Wow! Where Did May Go?

I cannot believe that it is time to once again attempt to summarize all that I did during the just-finished month. May just seemed to fly past, especially compared to April. I do not recall doing anything particularly different than in April.  It was simply another 31 days of remaining at home all day every day, other than the two or three times per week … Continue reading Wow! Where Did May Go?

A Good Ole Meandering Update Of Sorts

Since I copped-out on last month’s “Not An Update”, I feel a bit of an obligation to bring my few readers up-to-date on my activities during a month in which I never went anywhere at all.  In many ways, April 2020 has seemed like the longest month ever.  The upcoming month of May will be much the same as our government has extended the so-called … Continue reading A Good Ole Meandering Update Of Sorts