The 12 Days of Christmas Stamps 2013: #7, Mexico Postal Card (2013)

For this year’s holiday season, Mexico issued a set of four pre-paid postal cards depicting Santa Claus, the Three Wise Men, a piñata, and assorted Christmas symbols. I quite like this one for the international postage rate. Posted from WordPress for Android Continue reading The 12 Days of Christmas Stamps 2013: #7, Mexico Postal Card (2013)

Identity Crisis and Family History

wpid-person_reading_book_clip_art_16910-1 (1)Lately, I’ve been experiencing somewhat of an identity crisis.  You see, I was adopted within a month of my birth in December 1965.  I no longer have copies of the adoption papers or my birth certificate (and the latter is turning out to be as difficult to obtain as the former).  I have never made any attempt to discover the identities of my birth parents.

The only thing I’ve ever known about the young couple that put me up for adoption was that they were Hispanic.  Whether that means they were born in Mexico or simply were Americans with Hispanic ancestry, I have no idea.  I certainly don’t look Latin American or Spanish!  However, I have always had a strong fascination with all aspects of Mexican culture — the food, the music, the art, the history, the language, etc. — but that may come from growing up in Texas and my later years of living in New Mexico.  My birth parents had requested that I be placed in a Catholic home.

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