I’m Still Here!

Yes, I’m still in Phuket, Thailand. Still teaching English. Still collecting stamps and postcards. Still reading as much as I have time for. Still healthy. Still single. It my be a new year, but life continues at the same relaxing and stress-free pace that keeps me rooted in the “Land of Smiles.”

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Morning Meanderings: Still Tweaking and Other Random Musings

PBW Confusion 001.jpgBLOG REDESIGN

I spent some time in the internet cafe last night implementing a few changes to the blog. As always, I had some difficulty as what worked upstairs on my laptop gave me problems on the ancient computers downstairs. Although the Suffusion theme worked fine on the “live” blog when I tested it briefly a few nights ago, I made the “mistake” of uploading the most recent version of the theme before trying it out this time around. The entire WordPress dashboard completely disappeared! I ended up having to delete this version via FTP (I use FileZilla), replacing it with a year-old version. That worked…

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Sunday Salon for 12th June 2011 (#49)

Sunday Salon at Phuket BookwormAs you’ve probably noticed, I’ve broken free of the writer’s block that plagued me throughout May and even as far back as mid-April. My inspiration comes largely from my adoption of the open-source Zoundy Raven as my blog editor of choice (until Windows Live Writer comes up with a workable portable apps version). Either that, or I just have plenty to say these days. Indeed the part I find the most difficult about blogging right now is finding a suitable image to accompany most of my articles!

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