Looking Back on the “Teens”… and Forward to the “Twenties”

As we move into the Year of Perfect Vision, allow me to take a look at both the Year That Was and the Decade of the Teens. Before I begin, I want to mention that a recent post I saw on Facebook had the user criticizing people thinking the current decade as ending at midnight tomorrow night.  She stated that the “decade does not end … Continue reading Looking Back on the “Teens”… and Forward to the “Twenties”

Return To A Lifelong Hobby

Please LIKE my new Facebook page, "I Love Thai Stamps".I’ve collected stamps on-and-off for more than 30 years now.  Sometime around my tenth birthday I was given my mother’s old worldwide “Modern Stamp Album” – 1935 edition. The blue cloth cover was faded and many of the hinged were brown and brittle with age but it was a great start to what would become a lifelong hobby. 

During the Second World War, Mom – and her big brother, George – had lived across the street from the New Mexico state capitol building in Santa Fe.  They used to raid the trash dumpster looking for envelopes with the stamps still intact.  As the various government agencies received mail from all over the world, this was a great source for their collections.  Some years after I’d been given Mom’s old album, I my Uncle George gave me his as well.

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