Thank you, Google. Thank you, Getty. Image Frustrations 2018

For my stamp and postcard blogs (and sometimes for this one as well), I rely on historic images and maps of places all over the world. Many of these images fall into the public domain and are free from copyright. To illustrate my articles, I seek out high-resolution images on a daily basis and most of these come courtesy of Wikipedia.

When I’ve had to do image searches, however (sometimes current maps but usually vintage maps especially for former African colonies that no longer exist), my go-to for many years has been Google as I found their “View Image” button extremely useful especially when setting the Tools to show Large-sized images first. In recent months, I’d become frustrated when so many of the top results had been watermarked with Getty Images becoming especially prevalent.

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Here We Go Again!

I think my account is down for the count.

Earlier this evening I was online, editing and publishing previously-uploaded articles (when I use Zoundry Raven to publish articles they appear in WordPress as “scheduled” but then they just sit there unless I physically change the date or time), uploading new header images, and getting ready to run a backup of the databases and other files.

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