Friday Photos #3: English Camp on Cape Panwa

20150115-121733It’s been a tiring week as I’ve spent Monday through Thursday working at an English camp on Phuket’s rural Cape Panwa.  Thus, the theme for this installment of Friday Photos.  Conducting these camps is strenuous by itself but I’ve also been teaching my regular evening lessons all week as well.

What is an English camp?  Well, the agency I work for – ECC Thailand – uses them primarily to introduce English language instruction to schools that we don’t yet have under contract.  It’s basically an audition so is taken very seriously by my boss.  We go into a school for several days and teach a bit of English – conversation, vocabulary, a bit of grammar – and play a lot of games.

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It’s English Camp Time Again!

English Camp Thailand 2014

My language school will be hosting an English Camp later this month for Sri Suthorn School here in Phuket.  I get asked to do these quite often following my success with camps held at resorts in Phang Nga Province.  This will be my first during which I won’t have to stay overnight.  Spread over two (half-) days, four teachers will lead 240 students through fun learning activities the culmination of which will be interviewing foreigners on Surin Beach.  These camps are always a lot of hard work for the teachers but a lot of fun for the students.  Since this one will be held just a week before Christmas, I am going to suggest incorporating the holiday into at least one of the games.

Of course I will post photos once the camp has finished (and I have time to recuperate!).

English Camp!!

imageI am a person of many interests and I belueve that my writings on Asian Meanderings, and elsewhere, reflects that.  Lately, the focus on this blog has been on stamps and postcards with a few of our local Phuket festivals and activities sprinkled in.  But I am also a teacher of English as a Foreign Language, something I haven’t written about here in over a year.  I’m always happy to give pointers to newly-arrived teachers and do so as a matter of routine in my job.  Most of these tips come under the category of “Survival’ — how to survive in the classroom (the Thai educational system is, well, weird) and how to survive as a long-term resident (the Thai bureaucracy is more than weird).

While I am still thinking of an interesting way to blog some of these tips, I do finally have a “new” educational experience to write about.  I’ve been invited to lead my very first English Camp!  Apart from helping with activities at various school open houses, graduations, and holiday parties over the years I have never even participated in an English camp before!

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