Looking Back on the “Teens”… and Forward to the “Twenties”

As we move into the Year of Perfect Vision, allow me to take a look at both the Year That Was and the Decade of the Teens. Before I begin, I want to mention that a recent post I saw on Facebook had the user criticizing people thinking the current decade as ending at midnight tomorrow night.  She stated that the “decade does not end … Continue reading Looking Back on the “Teens”… and Forward to the “Twenties”

Monthly Meanderings: October 2015

20151006_180341October was one of my more active months in recent memory despite the fact that I didn’t work at all during the majority of the month.  I’ve been an hourly employee for my teaching agency the past three-and-a-half years so I don’t earn any income if I don’t work.  Luckily, my savings cover those rare lean months of the between-term school breaks but that tenuous existence is about to change in a big way.  More on that in a bit.  As my “forced” holiday coincided with the annual Phuket Vegetarian Festival, I took full advantage of the time off and participated as much as I could.  Both during and following the festival, I finally started exploring the many interesting cafes and restaurants that have been sprouting up all around the Old Town area.

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A Year In The Life: 2014

SAM_1660The beginning of a New Year brings the traditional “year in review” post on blogs all over the world.  Thus far, I’ve managed to avoid such an annual wrap-up as I’m not certain it serves much of a purpose.  Now that I’m blogging much more, and am on the verge of several major changes in my life, I feel that I should finally make an attempt to look back on the year past before moving forward. 

ASEAN-member-countriesThe year just begun – 2015 – promises to be a significant one for many reasons.  Not only does it mark the tenth year anniversary of my arrival in Thailand but also the fiftieth anniversary of my birth.  In Southeast Asia, there has been a battle cry of sorts – “Are you ready for 2015?” — for several years now as the Asian Economic Community comes into full affect with English as its official language.  Am I ready, indeed…

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Reading Log #6: December 2013

imageThe New Year of 2014 is off to a busy start.  I’ve spent most of the last week substitute teaching in one of Phuket’s largest municipal government schools in addition to working at two different language schools. My schedule hasn’t allowed as much time for reading as I would like but I have still managed to finish one book this month and another is nearing completion.  I may need to read shorter books if I want to meet the goals I’ve set for myself this year!

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Reading Log #5: November 2013


Wow!  I managed to finish a whopping eleven (11) books in November, the last of which I completed just an hour before midnight on the 30th.  I did spend about 200 minutes longer reading during the month while absorbing almost 20 pages less.  I think that means I’m ruminating more on what I just read before turning (sorry, is that flipping or flicking?) the page.  I’m rapidly approaching 75,000 pages read since I began tracking such numbers back in January 2010.

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2013 Reading Goal Met!

imageWith just under three months remaining in the year, I just completed my goal of finishing 50 books in 2013.  Last year, it was a struggle to reach the same number while I finished over a hundred in both of the previous years.  I attribute this slow-down in reading to my Kindle.  That’s somewhat ironic, I know, but I tend to read lengthier books in digital form than I did when I was reading “tree-books.”

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Reading Log #1: July 2013

imageWelcome to the first edition of Reading Log, a new feature to the blog in which I will attempt to summarize a month’s worth of reading.  If you’re a fan of trivial statistics, this one’s for you!

The name of this series comes from the Android app that gives me the total number of minutes that I read each day, week, and month (although I use the timer on another app called ReadTracker and just punch the numbers into ReadingLog).  By the way, that’s the app’s icon at the head of this entry.

Okay.  Let’s go.
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On Stamps and Inspiration

StampsLast September, I blogged about returning to my lifelong interest in collecting stamps, detailing my personal philatelic background and announcing my plans to resume the nhobby.

But as with so many of my good intentions here in Thailand, this one quickly derailed.  Oh, I did buy a few new issues and their accompanying First Day Covers and I did write a couple of entries for my Facebook page but I got sidetracked by a heavy workload.

It wasn’t until the last two weeks or so that philately re-entered my consciousness. I count three main occurrences as providing the inspiration to further my collection. Continue reading “On Stamps and Inspiration”