The Week in Photos (1-6 July 2011)

This past week I took a fair number of photos as I searched for a new home, attended an American Independence Day picnic, and started a new job.  A large selection of my pictures appears in the following gallery — hover your mouse over the images for a brief description, click for a larger view.

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Sunday Salon for 3rd July 2011 (#52)

Tonight’s “Sunday Salon” will be rather short as I’m using the laptop on battery power with about an hour’s charge left (the guesthouse in which I’m staying tonight has two-pronged outlets while my computer’s plug is three-pronged). It’s been a whirlwind couple of days and I’m currently staying in a historic Sino-Portuguese shophouse on Thalang Road in the heart of Phuket Town. In fact, Sin & Lee’s — Phuket’s first grocery is right next door. More on my lodgings a bit later.

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