The 30 Day Book Challenge: Day 2

PBW Bookworm 003.jpg Day 2: A book that you’ve read more than 3 times

Ouch! I don’t think there is one! Books I’ve read aloud to kids, such as The Cat in the Hat or the Oxford Reading Tree stories, certainly don’t count).

I’ve never liked repeating myself so it’s rare for me to read anything more than once (nor do I tend to watch very many movies again). There are a handful of books that I’ve read twice (a couple of Tony Hillerman novels and Clive Cussler’s Raise the Titanic! coming to mind) but I believe there have been only three books that I’ve read more than twice — my all-time favorite To Kill A Mockingbird (it’s been about a year since I’ve last read it), John Steinbeck’s The Grapes of Wrath, and perhaps Great Expectations by Dickens.

While I could feel compelled to revisit some of my favorite reads I’m not too worried about it as there are simply too many other books I’d love to be able to read for the first time! So many books, so little time…

The Phuket Bookworm


Sunday Salon for 12th June 2011 (#49)

Sunday Salon at Phuket BookwormAs you’ve probably noticed, I’ve broken free of the writer’s block that plagued me throughout May and even as far back as mid-April. My inspiration comes largely from my adoption of the open-source Zoundy Raven as my blog editor of choice (until Windows Live Writer comes up with a workable portable apps version). Either that, or I just have plenty to say these days. Indeed the part I find the most difficult about blogging right now is finding a suitable image to accompany most of my articles!

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The New Classics

PBW Book Blog 005.jpgLate last year I came across this list on Enterntainment Weekly‘s webiste. Called “The New Classics” it highlights what they consider to be the 100 best books published between 1983 and 2008. I love lists such as this as it gives me not only new ideas for the TBR List but also shows me where my interests stack up against those of critics or other readers. Sometimes that can be quite humbling!

Out of the hundred, I’ve only read eight:

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The 30 Day Book Challenge: Day 1

bookworm002.jpgToday’s subject is “The Best Book You Read Last Year.”

I had quite a bit of difficulty choosing my best read of 2010 as there isn’t a single book that really stood out above the rest (2011 will be much easier as I haven’t yet found anything to surpase The Passage).

I could take the easy route out and say, Harper Lee’s To Kill A Mockingbird. Many of my friends and family members are already aware that this is my all-time favorite book (a close second being The Grapes Of Wrath). Last year also happened to have been the 50th anniversary of the novel’s publication so it was in the news quite a bit. And, on a related note, it was back in the limelight just a couple of months ago when the U.S. Postal Service issued a stamp commemorating Gregory Peck as a “Legend of Hollywood” — the stamp portrayed the actor in his most famous role as Atticus Finch in the movie version of To Kill A Mockingbird. However, I’ve decided to disqualify the book in this category as it was a re-read (one of the few books I’ve ever read more than once).

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Largely Links

Largely Links 01.jpgI don’t like to waste money so I tend to budget everything, maximizing my usage to the nth degree. That includes using the internet cafe, even more so now that they’ve increased the cost per hour from 15 baht to 20 baht at the one I frequent. That means I’m now paying 60 baht (almost USD $2.00) for three hours online compared to the 45 baht (USD $1.50) it used to cost me. It’s a significant amount when you’re as poor as dirt like I am — and have an online addiction.

In maximizing my online usage, I don’t do a whole lot of reading while in the internet cafe. Time is money so I do a lot of skimming — downloading stuff to read later. I’ll be armed with a ton of links to follow, gleaned from emails and news feeds downloaded on a previous visit. If I’m researching a topic such as “schools in Hat Yai, for example, I’ll run a Google search and then open the most interesting/informative-appearing links in multiple tabs and then save the pages for perusing upstairs where my time is my own. I throw the best of these articles, etc. into Microsoft Office’s One Note — I prefer this to Evernote — for future reference.

I’d like to share a few of this week’s most interesting links with you today — there’s some local news and bits on books and what not.

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The 30 Day Book Challenge

bookworm001.jpgI love memes. They are the blogging equivalent of writing prompts. Good memes give ideas for something to blog about every week — every day in the case of “The 30 Day Book Challenge” found at Icarus Also Flew. I now have ideas for thirty book-related blog entries. I certainly won’t be able to post an entry on this for each of thirty days straight but there’s nothing that says this must be completed in a single month! I’ll post my first entry over the weekend.

The complete list follows the break.

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Anticlimactic Return to Stormy Phuket


I’m back in Phuket and it’s been pouring rain since I returned to the province early Wednesday morning.  My stay in Malaysia was fairly uneventful, my few accomplishments satisfying as I easily obtained my desired visa and had no hassles upon re-crossing the Thai border.  I was unable to do much in the way of sightseeing due to a twisted ankle within an hour of my arrival in Penang nor was I able to visit any schools as they were all closed on a two-week holiday!  However, my brief hobbles through George Town intensified my desire to eventually make this my new home.

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