A Bit of Tinglish at Central, Phuket

All over Southeast Asia, there are examples of signs badly translated into English.  In my experience, Thailand seems to have a higher percentage of “crazy English” signs than anywhere else in the region.  There’s even a word for it:  Tinglish, which is a combination of “English” and the Thai word, ting tong, meaning “odd” (equivalent to the English “ding dong”).  The reason that the Thais … Continue reading A Bit of Tinglish at Central, Phuket

Philatelic Pursuits: February and March 2015


Following more than a month of working at a school on an small island just to the east of Phuket Town, I am finally able to pursue a few of my favorite free-time activities.  One of those is writing for this blog (which suffered greatly with student assessments and a week-long English camp at the end of the school term).  Another is, of course, working on my stamp collection.. 

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The 12 Days of Christmas Stamps 2013: #8, Germany (2013)

Yes, there are many 2013 stamps in this series of Christmas favorites. This is because I have just returned to the hobby of philately and have been looking at recent issues trying to get up-to-date with what’s out there. I’m going with first impressions and this one from Germany leapt out at me as soon as I came across it. Featuring the Three Wise Men, … Continue reading The 12 Days of Christmas Stamps 2013: #8, Germany (2013)