Philatelic Pursuits: January 2015

PhilatelyJanuary was yet another philatelic-filled month and I added quite a few stamps to my various collections.  Most were obtained online and I made two trips to the Phuket Philatelic Museum to buy new Thai stamps.  I received a flurry of postcards at the start of the month but, alas, no further Christmas cards.  I only received one this past holiday despite mailing almost forty which is more than a little discouraging!  Perhaps the biggest event of the entire month was (finally) finding a stamp inventory program that I like and it’s caused me to make some real changes.

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Phuket Postcard Options

Scan_20150122 (7)

I’ve been writing about my incoming postcards on the “Please, Mr. Postman!” blog for more than a month now but I haven’t mentioned anything about those I’ve been using for outgoing mail from my home here in Phuket, Thailand.

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Philatelic Pursuits: December 2014

PhilatelyThis past month has (probably) been my most philatelic of the past decade, possibly the past two decades.  The reason for my uncertainty is that any records of my pre-Thailand life are long gone and my memory isn’t that keen either.  While living in New Mexico, I did attend a few first day of issue ceremonies held within the state – the most memorable of which was a journey to Chama in the northern mountains when the ceremony for a set of train stamps was held aboard a narrow-gauge steam train!

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Postcrossing: Off To Holland

With the arrival of a postcard I sent to Lappeenranta, Finland (travelled 8,183km in seventeen days), I requested one more address.  My latest Postcrossing card will journey 9,519km to Amersfoort in the Netherlands.  I picked out a nice view of Thai food for Tessa’s card.  This is the 41st “official” card I’ve sent. I recently found my original Postcrossing account, opened in July 2006; I’d … Continue reading Postcrossing: Off To Holland

Favorite Postcard Blogs


With my newly-revived interest in Postcrossing, I’ve been checking out a few blogs written by other members.  There are a few standout favorites and they have inspired me to start my own postcard-only blog (more on that soon).  Most of these detail the cards sent to the bloggers and many offer card exchanges.  I’m quite amazed at how many countries some of these men and women have received cards from!  I’ve also stumbled across a few blogs that detail collecting vintage postcards but, for some reason, most of these hold little interest for me right now.

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More Outgoing Postcards

I just sent three more Postcrossing cards so that I have my maximum currently-allowed seven postcards travelling.  Sent Card #23 will be sent to Riga, Latvia (8,321km); #24 to Saint Petersburg, Russia (8,038km); and #25 goes to Wiener Neustadt (8,773km), a small town about 50km outside of Vienna, Austria.  Two of the cards are being sent to brand-new Postcrossing members; perhaps mine will be the … Continue reading More Outgoing Postcards

Postcrossing: Outgoing Cards


I just finished writing four postcards to fellow Postcrossing users.  Amazingly enough, these are my first cards of 2014!  My last batch – mailed on 12 December 2013 – broke records for slowness with one card to Russia taking 56 days to reach it’s destination.  These are the 18th, 19th, 20th, and 21st postcards I’ve written since rejoining Postcrossing at the end of last July.  I’m not exactly a heavy user!

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Philatelic Pursuits: November 2014

germanpostagestampdayI always find myself working on my stamp collections more during the last part of the year than at any other time.  2014 has continued that trend.  I don’t know if it’s because I look forward to seeing new Christmas stamps (one of my thematic collecting interests) or if it’s because I always feel relieved once I pay for my annual visa extension and work permit renewal and want to buy something special for myself.  Whatever it is, my mind has been philatelicly filled to such a degree recently that I feel the time is right to launch a new blog series summarizing my current collecting activities.  Welcome to the first installment of “Philatelic Pursuits.”

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Postcrossing: Direct Swap #1 and Sending Cards #11, 12 & 13!


While I usually just do the regular Postcrossing method of requesting “official” addresses, I would like to participate in more direct swaps.  To date, I’ve only done one which was arranged via Facebook.  I sent Lee in Indonesia a card from Phuket about two months ago and just received this nice card from Bali in return:


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Postcrossing: Received Card #14


I haven’t been spending much time on my stamps or postcards recently.  With the end of the long rainy season, November has been a real scorcher; hot and humid is not good philatelic weather!  I have also been very busy teaching — I now have at least one two-hour lesson each and every day of the week.  I’m much looking forward to an upcoming English camp at a Phang Nga resort; it’s still “teaching” but a fun change-of-pace from a classroom.


Still, a bit of mail does trickle in from time to time.  This week, an “official” Postcrossing card arrived from Canada as well as a duplicate from Lithuania — I’d already registered a card with this number last month.  My most recent eBay auction item also showed up — a nice mint stamp from France depicting the Eiffel Tower, picked up for a low winning bid of 0,34 Euros (approximately 13.5 Thai baht).  This postal activity inspired me to print sheets of my two upcoming Muang Phuket Local Post stamp issues and prepare the requisite first day covers.  More on those very soon…

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