Thank you, Google. Thank you, Getty. Image Frustrations 2018

For my stamp and postcard blogs (and sometimes for this one as well), I rely on historic images and maps of places all over the world. Many of these images fall into the public domain and are free from copyright. To illustrate my articles, I seek out high-resolution images on a daily basis and most of these come courtesy of Wikipedia.

When I’ve had to do image searches, however (sometimes current maps but usually vintage maps especially for former African colonies that no longer exist), my go-to for many years has been Google as I found their “View Image” button extremely useful especially when setting the Tools to show Large-sized images first. In recent months, I’d become frustrated when so many of the top results had been watermarked with Getty Images becoming especially prevalent.

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Finally Catching Up!!

Tonight’s upload speeds (at least for the time being) seem much improved over the last several days so I’m on the verge of catching up on uploading photos to the Penang Photos galleries.  You may have noticed that I published the “Part 4” article before I’d uploaded the photos to accompany it and then suffered tons of failed uploads — it felt like I was trying to squeeze a Chiang Mai sausage through a 7-Eleven straw!  But those photos are almost all online now and that will free me up to write “Part 5” tomorrow.  This will cover last Thursday’s wanderings — I’ll take a look at the photos as the majority were taken in George Town’s Protestant Cemetery and I doubt that a gallery showing a hundred or so gravestones hidden amongst the trees would be of much interest.  I’ll probably just upload the more significant graves — Captain Francis Light’s, for example, and that of the oldest known European burial.  It will finish out the series and I’ll then start working on my various street guides for Old Phuket Town.

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Sunday Salon for 26th June 2011 (#51)

Sunday Salon 01.jpgThis was a fairly uneventful week as far as getting out-and-about save for a fairly awful afternoon spent in a Phuket Town internet cafe on Saturday. I spent most of the week in my apartment — packing boxes and working on this blog.

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Yet Another Blog!

A week ago, my self-hosted blog — Phuket Bookworm — was hacked (along with several of my other online accounts). The databases are gone and I no longer have access. This came just as I had finished a site redesign and had begin reprinting a number of older articles discovered in a long-lost backup. I’d already decided to collect all of what I’d written over the years into one cohesive blog rather than scattered all over the internet and my personal archives.  Luckily, although I was kicked offline for a week because of this violation, I have a version of WordPress installed on a local server running on my laptop. This allowed me to tinker and come up with a new blog I could be proud of.

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