Resolutions? I Think Not…


Every year, I make a list of improvements that I want to work on during the forthcoming twelve months.  By the first week of January, these “resolutions” are all but forgotten.  Last year, I even made a resolution to not make any more resolutions!  I didn’t keep that one, either.  So, in 2015, I’ve decided I’ll make a list of a few easy-to-keep goals but to call them “suggestions” rather than resolutions.  Perhaps that will work.  Probably not.

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Koong & Andy’s Just Wed Party

Scan_20141226 (54)

I don’t really go to many parties, particularly what I’d classify as the high-society type.  But when a good friend gets married, one really has to do what one can to participate.  I’ve known Andrew for a few years now; he’s probably the most interesting Englishman I know, a former Special Forces officer in the employ of Her Majesty the Queen as well as being a Shakespearean thespian.

His “After Wedding Party” was held at the beautiful O2 Beach Club in Chalong Bay on the Monday before Christmas.  It was quite the affair – all guests dressed in white (well, save one) and included Andy singing a few songs while accompanying himself on guitar plus a truly interesting fire-dancer (I’ve seen many that were extremely boring and predictable; this one was anything but).  The food was awesome; I fell in love with the larb (spicy meat salad) packed in celery rings.  However, the highlight for me was being introduced to one beautiful, intelligent and financially-stable single woman after another.  Where had they all been hiding?

Enjoy the photo album after the break…

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Happy Mother’s Day

Today, 12 August, is the birthday of HRH Queen Sirikit of Thailand and thus a national holiday during which all loyal and devoted subjects of the Kingdom wish Her Majesty a long life of good health and happiness.  As the Thai people regard the Queen as mother of the entire nation the day is also celebrated as National Mother’s Day.  Prior to 1976, Mother’s Day was celebrated on 15 April.  Throughout Thailand, the occasion is marked by the Queen’s flag — powder blue with her Royal cipher emblazoned in the center — flying from buildings and along roadsides.  White jasmine flowers are also much in evidence, symbolizing a mother’s love for her children as being white and pure.

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PBW Eclipse 002.jpgLater tonight people living on half of the planet (Thailand included) will have the opportunity to observe a “perfect” lunar eclipse which at three hours and thirty-nine minutes is the longest in four years; totality will span one hour and forty minutes. Not only that but the total eclipse is a relatively rare central eclipse which means the moon will pass in front of the center of the earth’s shadow. The last time this occurred was on 16 July 2000 and the next won’t happen until 27 July 2018. This will also be the first of two total lunar eclipses in 2011, the next will occur on 10 December (which will also be visible in this part of the world).

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