R.I.P., Beloved Acer Aspire

I am now without a computer at home as my long-lived Acer Aspire finally died Wednesday night.  It been having some “issues” — mostly the hard drive overheating rather quickly — for a few weeks.  I think, possibly, the tiny ants I’ve been having a problem with in the new apartment chewed through some interior cables or gummed-up the works in some fashion.  At any rate, I was told by the local Acer service center that it was unrepairable (they didn’t even offer to replace the hard drive which was the solution when it stopped working a couple of years ago).  Luckily, this time I’d backed-up my photos as recently as last Friday so I didn’t lose any of those.  I did lose a lot of data, however, including my “Reading Record” and “Blogging Activity” spreadsheets and about 3000 ebooks I’d downloaded over the course of the last year.  I’d been planning to back these up as soon as I had them all entered into my calibre Library with proper covers and metadata (the project I’d been working on when the computer died).

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Here We Go Again!

I think my byethost.com-hosted account is down for the count.

Earlier this evening I was online, editing and publishing previously-uploaded articles (when I use Zoundry Raven to publish articles they appear in WordPress as “scheduled” but then they just sit there unless I physically change the date or time), uploading new header images, and getting ready to run a backup of the databases and other files.

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