Reading Log #5: November 2013


Wow!  I managed to finish a whopping eleven (11) books in November, the last of which I completed just an hour before midnight on the 30th.  I did spend about 200 minutes longer reading during the month while absorbing almost 20 pages less.  I think that means I’m ruminating more on what I just read before turning (sorry, is that flipping or flicking?) the page.  I’m rapidly approaching 75,000 pages read since I began tracking such numbers back in January 2010.

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Reading Log #4: October 2013

imageI read more in October than I did last month, but finished less books.  While the total book pages read — 1643 — was 299 more than in September — I spent considerably more time reading them, 3214 minutes compared to 2082 minutes last month.  Does that mean I’m reading slower now?  At any rate, I have already surpassed my goal of finishing 50 books for the entire year of 2013 so each additional book is a bonus.

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2013 Reading Goal Met!

imageWith just under three months remaining in the year, I just completed my goal of finishing 50 books in 2013.  Last year, it was a struggle to reach the same number while I finished over a hundred in both of the previous years.  I attribute this slow-down in reading to my Kindle.  That’s somewhat ironic, I know, but I tend to read lengthier books in digital form than I did when I was reading “tree-books.”

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Reading Log #3: September 2013

imageIn September, I finished reading seven books which is two more than either July or August.  And yet the total page-count was a couple of hundred less than last month’s.  This was because several of the books were shorter.  Indeed, two were of short story or novella length.  But the good news is that, at 49 books finished thus far in 2013, I am just ONE short of my goal for entire year!

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Reading Log #1: July 2013

imageWelcome to the first edition of Reading Log, a new feature to the blog in which I will attempt to summarize a month’s worth of reading.  If you’re a fan of trivial statistics, this one’s for you!

The name of this series comes from the Android app that gives me the total number of minutes that I read each day, week, and month (although I use the timer on another app called ReadTracker and just punch the numbers into ReadingLog).  By the way, that’s the app’s icon at the head of this entry.

Okay.  Let’s go.
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My Reading Streak, 2010-2013

My Reading Streak, 2010-2013I began keeping track of the books I read back in 2009. The following year, I created an Excel spreadsheet which tracked not only what books I read each day but also how many pages. I would occasionally miss a day or more of reading.

But today is the third anniversary of a streak where I have read at least at least one page in a book {but MANY more on most days} every day since 17 July 2010.

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Reading Updates (It’s About Time!)

In my first blog activity of 2012 (indeed, since October) I just updated my Books Read In 2011 page and added a new page for 2012.  I hope to make a few additional updates in the forthcoming weeks but doubt that I will return to a regular article-publication schedule until mid-February at the earliest… Daily Writing Totals: This Article – 59 words / Total Today … Continue reading Reading Updates (It’s About Time!)