A Walk Through Wat Phuttamongkol Nimit in Phuket Town

This Buddhist temple, listed on some maps as Wat Mongkol Nimit, is located on Dibuk Road on the northern edge of Phuket’s Old Town district. The main entrance is almost opposite to that of Soi Rommanee which connects Dibuk with Thalang Road to the south. There’s also a side entrance on Thepkassatri Road, just south of the Luang Anuphpart-Phuket-Karn mansion which stood in for the American Embassy in the movie “The Killing Fields.” I couldn’t find any historical information about the wat itself but would suspect it’s fairly old by examining the architecture style of the administration buildings. A Sino-Portuguese structure just inside the main entrance used to contain the offices of The Old Phuket Foundation and I believe the headquarters of the Phuket Hokkien Association were also located here. However, on my most recent visit this past weekend, the identifying signage had been removed and the building appeared empty. On this particular day the wooden doors of the main hall were wide open and many temple cloths were laid-out to dry in the sun following a few rainy days last week. I always enjoy walking through temple grounds. They are rarely crowded with the exception of Wat Chalong which is on the main tour bus routes and often full of Korean or Japanese sightseers; I enjoy the peace and quiet as well as being able to examine the ornate detailing on the buildings.

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