The 30 Day Book Challenge – Day 22

Day 22 – Favorite Book That You Own

I sold off almost all of my physical books (“tree” books as I like to call them now) during my recent prolonged unemployment. Although I’ve accumulated many ebooks over the past few years, I don’t want to choose any of those for this particular topic. I may not have many tree books remaining on my shelves but those that I kept were retained for good reason.

Thus, the book I choose for today is a real favorite rather than just chosen by default. That book is Blood And Thunder: An Epic of the American West by Hampton Sides. This is perhaps the only nonfiction work that I’ve ever read more than once; the writing is so captivating that you do feel as if it’s a novel. Published in 2006 the work tells the story of the settling primarily of what is now the American Southwest with special emphasis on my own previous home of New Mexico. Much of the book deals with Kit Carson’s role in the conquest of the Navajo which has been of great interest to me since my relocation to Albuquerque from Kansas City some sixteen years ago. Despite the brief time I lived there I had a greater attachment for New Mexico — her culture, her history, and her inhabitants past and present — than for any of my previous homes. I was thrilled upon my discovery of Sides’ book as it told me much of what I craved to know in a very readable and entertaining way. It’s a heavy book, not easy to pack, but it was one of the few books I brought with me in my limited luggage when I moved to Thailand.

Daily Writing Totals:
This Article – 280 words
Total Today — 280 words


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