The 30 Day Book Challenge – Days 20 & 21

Day 20 – Favorite Romance Book

I don’t read romance books so I don’t have anything to say on this one (although Wikipedia says that the Stephanie Plum novels by Janet Evanovich are romances, I view them more as mysteries).

Day 21 – Favorite Book From Your Childhood

I don’t recall very many books from my childhood. Indeed, the earliest book I have strong memories of reading was Clive Cussler’s Raise The Titanic! when I was around ten years old. I must have read (or been read) such books as The Cat In The Hat and Where The Wild Things Are but I really have no memories of those now. I did obtain copies of these last two a year or so ago which sparked some vague recollections. Occasionally, I do have “reading flashbacks” of enjoying a book which I think might have been The Phantom Tollbooth but having recently downloaded and watched the movie didn’t evoke any additional recall. Unfortunately, my memory is not that great when dealing with my earliest years.

But I do have one book that I have kept for many, many years. It was my first-ever book, received as a gift from my grandparents on my mother’s side when I was just one year old. Titled All Aboard The Train and co-authored by Ethel and Leonard Kessler, the hardcover book (dustjacket long since lost) was published by Doubleday and Company in 1964 and is a stated first edition. The yellow cloth boards are a bit scuffed and faded, some ripped pages (caused no doubt by my sister and I fighting over the book at some dim point in the past) were lovingly repaired by my mom long ago in now browning cello-tape, , and other pages are now separating from the binding. The inscription reads, “To Mark from Grandma and Grandpa Chapman, 1966.” It’s a simple story of a girl and her brother riding the train into the big city with their mom and is nicely illustrated mostly in colors of red, black, white, and yellow. At my last school I began a tradition of reading the book aloud to my students on the anniversary of my mother’s passing (ten years ago in another month-and-a-half). I love this little book and am so happy to still have it. I can think my sister for that as she “rescued” it from my storage unit in Albuquerque a few years ago and sent it in that year’s Christmas package.

Daily Writing Totals:
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