Daily Writing Challenge — Week One Recap

A week ago I began participating in Inkygirl’s 250 Words A Day writing challenge. The goal is to write at least 250 words each day at least six days per week.

I’ve been tracking the daily totals at the bottom of my blog entries and in a sidebar widget. These include writing I do for this blog as well as my personal journal (which is only an occasional thing). If I ever get back on the ball at writing for professional publication, I’ll include those totals as well.

16 June 2011: 1787 words
17 June 2011: 2138 words
18 June 2011: 242 words
19 June 2011: 2552 words
20 June 2011: 581 words
21 June 2011: 1628 words
22 June 2011: 178 words

23 June 2011: 883 words

As you can see, I’ve written each of the past seven days and missed 250 words on only two occasions (but I came close!). Most days I wrote significantly more than 250 words without even trying. Does that mean I should sign up for the 500 or 1000 Words A Day challenges? Nope, not yet. I know there will be days where I won’t want to write anything and would feel much worse if I fell short of the loftier goals. Even if I don’t feel like writing I’m sure I can probably muster up enough creative juices to come close to 250. That’s why I’m enjoying participating in the 300 Day Book Challenge as that gave me a month’s worth of writing prompts.

I only worry about maintaining daily writing goals when I’m traveling (and I will be on the road again fairly soon, I’m afraid). Even if I take my laptop with me I’m usually not in the mood to spend time writing on it (a guy’s gotta sleep sometime!). Sure, I’ll scribble in my trusty Moleskin notebook (almost as much a requirement to take along as my passport) but I rarely draw from it when I sit down to write — even the “best” ideas are muted by my now barely legible handwriting which seems to get worse each time I put pen to paper…

Yes, for now 250 words a day is enough of a goal for me. Believe it or not.

The Phuket Bookworm Daily Writing Word Counts:
This Article — 369
Total Today — 369

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