The 30 Day Book Challenge: Day 10

PBW Bookworm 012.jpgDay 10: Favorite Classic Book

That’s easy! I’ve been a fan of Great Expectations by Charles Dickens since first reading it as a teenager. I don’t recall when I first read it but I did see the movie first. We’re talking about the classic 1930’s black and white version here. And I did indeed have a crush on the young Estella although it took a while for me to comprehend why she was so cold. I must have been around fifteen or sixteen years old at the time. I read the book perhaps twice after the first time, the most recent having been ten years or more ago. It’s definitely time for a re-read!

Although it was published fifty-one years ago, I don’t consider To Kill A Mockingbird to be a “classic” as I feel it’s relatively timeless — the events could just as well happen in the present day (unfortunately) as in the Depression era the novel is set in. Number two on my list of favorite classic books was set during that period of time as well, albeit on the other side of America. That, of course would be John Steinbeck’s The Grapes of Wrath — another book that I feel is overdue for a re-read.

The Phuket Bookworm Daily Writing Word Counts:
This Article — 202
Total Today — 202

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