Blasts From My Past (#1)

I’ve been online for many years and have lost more than my fair share of backups due to sheer stupidity more than anything else. I’ve often wished that I still had a copy of my first couple of websites — the original dating from 1999 was called JochimBook which later became JochimWeb ; my site at (started 7th June 2004) had all sorts of stuff from my past, lost forever when the domain’s hosting server crashed-and-burned. I was also missing a large chunk of my blogging history until a few days ago when a friend sent me saved HTML archives dating from the beginning of February 2005 (‘Burque Blog, named after my hometown at the time of Albuquerque, New Mexico) and continuing through September 2007 (Goodnight Phuket). Of course, the subject matter never really changed despite the different blog titles (which later became first Baan Jochim Phuket and most recently Phuket Bookworm).

Reading through the articles has given me great pleasure over the past few nights, particularly the pieces on New Mexico history and some of my travels (2005 being a very active year!). There are gaps — several journeys not being adequately covered nor at all, a trend that continues to this day — but what is there is remarkable and often amusing. The earliest article mentioned that I had just started using Firefox 1.0 and the “new” Thunderbird email program. Here we are just six-and-a-half years later and I’m still using both programs (well, versions 4.0.1 and 3.1.10 respectively).

Other posts during February 2005 included mentions that Albuquerque’s airport had finally become “international” with flights across the Mexican border, a tirade against a certain online Bruce Springsteen fan community, a report that an Associated Press article had mistakenly placed New Mexico’s Chaco Canyon in Arizona (one of my favorite places, I first visited this remote area in May 1993), some imformation about Albuquerque’s Tricentennial celebrations planned for 2006 (which I wholly missed due to relocating to Thailand), and a report on DVD copy protection. There was also two blog entries about Chinese New Year, something that has become somewhat of a tradition over the years (peaking this year with four or five articles detailing the Year of the Rabbit background and festivities).

The only blog articles I’m currently missing are the first year or so of ‘Burque Blog (on the original parchment theme — I thought I had a copy on my now broken external hard drive but I’m not certain now), and perhaps two months or so from the summer of 2009’s Baan Jochim Phuket.

I'm going to start highlighting some of those old articles — sometimes in a "on this date…" type of article and sometimes by reprinting the entire archival post under the original date (but giving a link to that in a new article). The first two of these are:

On 16 June 2005, I published an article on 'Burque Blog about Marillion's first "Los Trios Marillos" acoustic tour of North America, including a review and some photos of their performance at Boston's historic Paradise Club. At the time they hadn't planned on a second tour that fall, a stint on which I saw four shows (two in-stores, two full gigs) in the Pacific Northwest.

A year later, I had moved to Thailand and thus the blog had been renamed Goodnight Phuket. On the 16th of June 2006 I wrote about Bangkok's full official/ceremonial name.

I didn't publish any blog entries on June 16th in either 2007 or 2008…

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