The 30 Day Book Challenge: Day 5

PBW Bookworm 006.jpgDay 5: A Book That Makes You Happy

Oh, dear! I think that every book I finish makes me happy. After all, I wouldn’t put up with a book that wasn’t making me happy as I read it. I’d move on to something else. Reading is escapism for me and I don’t want to read anything that angers me. What’s the point. Of course, some just make you sad (which is tomorrow’s topic so I won’t go there today). Of course, there are those books that are frustrating to read at times but you stick with them because of the potential reward at the end.

The most recent book that made me happy at it’s conclusion would have to be Thai Gold by Jason Schoonover (1988), one of first real expat novels set in Thailand. The story deals with the theft of a valuable antiquity having a great deal of meaning in the Buddhist world. Indeed, extremists from other religions act out over the mere possibility of this relic existing. Throughout the novel there’s a tremendous amount of action and there are quite a few characters — most flawed in some significant manner — that you grow to care deeply about. My favorite is the beautiful daughter of a militant Shan leader who falls in love with the main character while in her young teens and has managed to track him down in Bangkok many years later. However, at one point late in the story the reader comes to detest this woman because her actions leaves our hero with a broken heart (actions and reactions all too common here). I know I was upset as I’m a great believer in romance. But it all comes together in the end making me happier than I’d been in the preceding hundred pages or so. (Trying not to create spoilers here…)

It’s going to be very difficult to think of a book that made me sad at the end for tomorrow’s installment of “The 30 Day Book Challenge.”

The Phuket Bookworm


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