TH-1069: International Telecommunication Union


Issue Number: TH-1069
Issue Name:  150th Anniversary of the ITU Commemorative Stamp
Issue Date: 2015-05-17
Denomination: 3 baht
Designer: Mr. Taneth Ponchaiwong
Printer: unk.
Printing Process: Lithography multi-colour
Quantity of Stamps: 500,000 pieces
Sheet Composition: 10 stamps
Perforation: unk.
Size: 48x30mm (Horizontal – measured from perforation to perforation)
Details: Connect the World with Advanced Technology

Established in 1865, International Telecommunication Union or ITU is one of the organizations with long history and specialized agency of United Nations in information and communication technology or ICT. There are 193 member countries, headquarter in Geneva, Switzerland, and 12 regional offices worldwide. Core objectives are to develop information technology and communication network, facilitate radio frequency, and satellite orbit. Moreover, ITU is responsible for setting standards of worldwide telecommunication to ensure efficient and complete access of users.

Thailand has been member of ITU since April 20, 1883. The graphic design used for this commemorative stamp set represents modern telecommunication with symbol of 150th anniversary of ITU, combining with Thai identity in the world community. These stamp sets will be available for sales on May 17, 2015, which is the 150th anniversary of MOU signing of International telegraph in Paris, France, the beginning of International Telegraph Union that later become ITU. The date also marks the importance of Global Telecommunication and ICT Day.

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TH-1068: Thailand-DPR Korea Relations


Issue Number: TH-1068
Issue Name:  40th Anniversary of Thailand-DPR Korea Diplomatic Relations
Issue Date: 2015-05-08
Denomination: 3 baht (2 designs)
Designer: Mr. Taneth Porchaiwong
Printer: unk.
Printing Process: Lithography multi-colour
Quantity of Stamps: 400,000 pieces per design
Sheet Composition: 10 stamps per sheet (different design)
Perforation: unk.
Size: 40.5x30mm (Horizontal – measured from perforation to perforation)
Details: Friendship Beyond Imagination

Relationship of Thailand and DPR Korea was informally initiated in 1972 with the main focuses on trading and sports.  Diplomatic relations of both countries has been established since May 8th 1975 and official visits between the countries are common.  DPR Korea has changed Office of Trade Representative in Bangkok to be Embassy of Democratic People’s Republic of Korea in Thailand in 1991.  The Ambassador of Embassy of The People’s Republic of China is appointed to be in charge of Embassy of Democratic People’s Republic of Korea in Thailand.

The commemorative stamps are originated by Thailand and DPR Korea Postal administrations to mark 40 years of diplomatic relations.  Main theme represents “national birds” in paintings which include Siamese Fireback of Thailand, one of the most beautiful peacocks that Department of Forestry has nominated as national bird since 1985, and White-Bellied Bird Hawk, one of falcon species (sleek wings) that is all-season available in northern area of Korea Peninsula.

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The Dawn of a New School Year

SAM_5996The month-long summer holiday comes to an end this week, following another long weekend stretching from Labor Day on the first to Coronation Day on the fifth.  Most students will return to their schools next week for the start of Term 1 for School Year 2015-2016.  I believe the next special days will occur next month but don’t include any further school holidays until mid-July.

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Philatelic Pursuits: April 2015

Thailand011-rsAnother month gone and this one went by very quickly indeed!  I was on holiday for much of April due to the Thai New Year (Songkran) occurring mid-month and my language school students canceled most of their lessons in order to enjoy the nationwide bout of laziness.  Even my local postman took a couple of weeks of vacation during which we had no home mail delivery as Thailand Post has severe manpower shortages; upon his return, I received a HUGE stack of mail with plenty of new stamps to add to my collection.

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Philatelic Pursuits: February and March 2015


Following more than a month of working at a school on an small island just to the east of Phuket Town, I am finally able to pursue a few of my favorite free-time activities.  One of those is writing for this blog (which suffered greatly with student assessments and a week-long English camp at the end of the school term).  Another is, of course, working on my stamp collection.. 

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TH-1066: 200th Anniversary of Pathumthani


Issue Number: TH-1066
Issue Name:  200th Anniversary of Pathumthani Commemorative Stamp
Issue Date: 2015-04-03
Denomination: 3 baht
Designer: unk.
Printer: unk.
Printing Process: unk.
Quantity of Stamps: unk.
Sheet Composition: unk.
Perforation: unk.
Size: unk. (Measured from perforation to perforation)
Details: unk.

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