Six Months

six monthsSix months.  It’s been six months since I’ve written anything for this blog.

What happened?

I don’t really know.  I’ve alternated between periods of extreme busyness and extreme laziness.  Nothing new there.

But for some reason I haven’t felt compelled to write in quite some time.  And that time really got away from me.

Six months passed in the blink of an eye.  Half a year gone in an instant.

What did I do?

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New Year #2: Chinese New Year & Phuket Old Town Festival 2014

SAM_1716In late January and early February, those of us in Phuket look forward to the year’s second big New Year’s blow-out.  There is a huge Chinese population centered on Phuket Town.  Many of the older families began during the tin-mining boom starting in the mid-nineteenth century and their clan shrines still dot the small lanes of the community.  The Old Town Phuket Festival, celebrating the area’s rich history and unique culture, is usually held a few days following the start of Chinese New Year.  It is my favorite of the local festivals, even more so than September/October’s Vegetarian Festival.

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New Year #1: Phuket Countdown 2014

SAM_1542One of the best things about living in Thailand are the myriad of festivals and other celebrations throughout the year.  We actually have three different annual New Year’s – the Western New Year on 31 December, Chinese New Year in late January or early February, and Songkran (Thai New Year) centered on 13 April. 

Now that I live in Phuket Town, I usually celebrate Western New Year by walking over to Sanam Chai.  This is a park in the northeast portion of Phuket’s administrative district, across the street from Provincial Hall to the east and City Hall to the north.  Each year, Phuket’s Provincial Administration Organization (PPAO, known in Thai as OrBorJor) sponsors a three-day celebration in the park called Phuket Colorful Countdown and it just keeps getting bigger and better.

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Pulled Pork In Phuket [Burger King!]

Two types of BBQ pulled pork sandwiches now at Burger King in Phuket

Most days, I stick with Thai food for my meals.  Not only is it much less expensive and generally healthier than the farang food that I enjoy but I actually find it much more satisfying.  Yes, I still crave proper Mexican food but as that is so rare in my part of Phuket the Thai fare fulfills my need for spices.

Once or twice a week, however, I splurge a bit and hit Western food eateries.  Usually that involves walking to the Indy Market held in my neighborhood on Thursday and Friday evenings where I can count on chile cheeseburgers from the less-than-one-year-old Tuk Tuk Diner cart.

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Reading Log #8: February/March 2014

imageI have been reading a lot this year (so far), having completed 36 books and read over 10,000 pages in just the first three months.  In my best year (2011) since starting tracking my reading in detail, I read 21,601 pages so I am well on-track to shattering that record.  Will I beat 2010’s total of 119 books finished?  Only time will tell…

The February pages read total of 2726 is down almost a thousand from January but the March stat of 3699 is back up there.  What’s particularly amazing is that the bulk of my reading for this past month occurred in the first twelve days; once I purchased my new laptop (having been without for almost a year), my daily reading took a significant drop.

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